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Professional Limestone Floor Polishing

Comprising of shells, mollusks and marine animals calcified over millions of years, limestone has an authentic and natural appearance. However durable and strong this natural stone may be, it is susceptible to dullness, scratches and staining overtime. It can also become chipped, cracked and damaged through years of human use. At All Stone Floor Polishing, we can restore and polish your limestone floors with our modern equipment. Our experience in the field has equipped us with a strong knowledge on the many techniques available to repair, restore and polish your limestone flooring.


Bringing back your floor’s natural color


Limestone Cleaning, Sealing, Restoration & Repair

All Stone Floor Polishing can expertly handle the cleaning, sealing, restoration, repair and polishing of your limestone surfaces. Polished limestone floors has a unique appearance and luxury feel that surpasses other natural stone floors. Our professional deep cleaning and polishing services are highly effective to bring your limestone surfaces to its former glory. Note that sealing after the restoration greatly enhances the stain resistance and durability of your limestone surface.


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